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Our Mission

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding of Scotland’s whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) and the Hebridean marine environment through education, research and working within Hebridean communities as a basis for the lasting conservation of local species and habitats.


Our work using Coreo

Think Strava, but for studying whales and dolphins!

We have created an app and web portal with Natural Apptitude to enable citizen scientists to collect detailed data on the cetaceans they encounter (or don’t encounter) whilst at sea.  The app essentially has two modes:

  • Excursion” mode allows you to monitor your entire journey on a boat or ferry and record all the cetaceans you see along the way.  This provides us with really useful effort based data.
  • Sighting” mode is for ad-hoc observations such as one-off sightings from the shore

Despite the diversity of life around our coast our seas are under huge pressure; increasingly busy, noisy and polluted. Scotland’s whales and dolphins exist in a fragile state, threatened by a range of environmental, climatic and human stresses.

Evidence is the foundation of effective conservation, and that’s where you can help! With eyes out on the water all of the time, sightings data from the community is helping to improve our understanding of coastal species such as bottlenose dolphins and the occurrence of rarer ones such as humpback and killer whales.

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